Photocopy detection flag now available!

A new flag, which detects paper, printed, or photocopied ID images, is ready for use!

React AdvancedSDK v1.4.0



Action Map Results now available in API response!

If you use our API to fetch transaction results, you should now see a new object in the response you receive: action_map_results.

Transaction Report Updates: Clarified Expiration Dates

Today we added two new items to the Transaction Report to clarify when the retention for the transaction expires and when the hosted link expires (when applicable).

QoL and Customizability Improvements

This past week, we've made quality of life improvements for our dashboard users and for your end users, and we've added new options to match the IDV flow to your unique branding.

Beta Features and Bug Fixes

This past week, we've started beta testing two new UID-related fraud prevention features, and we've fixed bugs related to ID blocking and webview camera access.


Improvements & Bug Fixes for Dashboard Users

In addition to the Dashboard UI upgrades we've made this week, we have also released the following improvements and bug fixes for our dashboard users.


Dashboard UI Improvements

This morning, we've released a few small tweaks to our dashboard to improve the user experience. We recommend taking a quick look so you know what changes to expect to our navigation menu and configuration editors.

Facial Recognition Consent now required in Québec

Due to biometric data requirements introduced in new legislation, Berbix now requires end users in Québec to provide consent for automated facial recognition.

Tymber <> Berbix Integration Now Available

With Berbix and Tymber, convert and retain more customers with your own SEO-friendly e-commerce website that incorporates ID checks during the checkout process. Get more orders without additional risk, reduce friction at checkout, and have confidence your customers are who they say they are.