Beta Features and Bug Fixes

This past week, we've started beta testing two new UID-related fraud prevention features, and we've fixed bugs related to ID blocking and webview camera access.

Beta: Customer UID in Review

This beta feature allows you to prevent new transactions from being created for a specific customer UID if that UID has a transaction in the Review Queue.

Beta: Previous Fraud

This is a new set of flags that identify transactions where the customer UID is associated with a previous transaction that raised fraud-related flags. These may be leveraged in your Action Maps to reject or review the subsequent attempts.


If your ID verification workflow permits repeated attempts, we'd love your help beta testing these new features. If you'd like to participate, please let us know by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]] or in your designated Slack channel.

Bug Fix: Blocked ID

We fixed a bug that was preventing the id_blocked flag from being applied in certain cases. Now, if an agent, developer, or admin user on the Berbix dashboard chooses to block an ID, the correct flag will be raised if the same document is used in a subsequent transaction.

Not sure if you're utilizing this feature? Check out your Action Maps! Our Default action map includes id_blocked as a reject condition, though any developer or admin in your Berbix dashboard can adjust as appropriate for your use case.

Bug Fix: Webview Camera Access

We fixed a bug that was causing Android users to upload empty or black photos when the transaction was opened in webview from a social media post. Now, users in this scenario will access the native camera app to capture photos.

If your integration utilizes webview, please note that the native camera app may not provide the optimal user experience, as it cannot provide the same live feedback available in a non-webview flow. To discuss the pros and cons of using webview, and to receive assistance evaluating alternatives, please feel free to reach out to us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]] or in your designated Slack channel.