Bug Fixes & Escalations Process Improvement

This past week we've made improvements to our escalations process and we've fixed minor bugs associated with image cropping and with reviewing transactions with custom actions.


In order to better designate which escalated transactions are intended for internal review and which require a second look from Berbix, we've added a few options to the escalation process.

Now, when you choose to escalate a transaction, you will be prompted to specify whether Berbix needs to review this transaction, and to provide some additional information to help us investigate.

All escalations will continue to be logged as before, and you can still expect a prompt response from Berbix support when further investigation is warranted or clarification is requested.


Image Cropping

We identified and resolved an issue where ID images were not cropping correctly if the uploaded image was taken by a horizontally oriented camera.

In these cases, we are now using the full image for non-standard oriented ID fronts.

Reviewing transactions with custom actions

We identified and resolved an issue where users with the reviewer role were unable to access transactions in a review queue that used a custom action.

The resolution to this issue now allows reviewers to access any transaction in a review queue, regardless of the assigned action.

If you would like to discuss custom actions and custom review queues, please reach out to [email protected]