Improvements & Bug Fixes for Dashboard Users

In addition to the Dashboard UI upgrades we've made this week, we have also released the following improvements and bug fixes for our dashboard users.

Hosted Transaction Tokens

Now, if a dashboard user with developer or admin permissions creates a hosted transaction, they'll have the option to view Advanced Details containing the client_token and refresh_token.

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Home Page Bug Fix

On the dashboard home page, we fixed an issue where the accepted, rejected, and review counts were including data from deleted transactions.

We will soon be updating the UI to clarify that we are only able to show an accurate count of accepted, rejected, and review queue transactions for 28 days if your account's retention policy is 28 days or longer.

Logs Bug Fix

We fixed an issue where Berbix users with reviewer permissions were seeing a 403 error when accessing the Logs page.

Escalations Bug Fix

We fixed an issue where the escalation category was being displayed on the Transaction Report rather than the notes.


If you have questions about these or any other updates, or if you have feedback for future improvement, please reach out to us by email or in your designated Slack channel.