NEW: Update to End-User Consent UX

As of today, all end-users initiating a Berbix Hosted or Guided SDK IDV flow will need to explicitly agree to provide biometrics consent, as well as agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

The following terms and consent screen now appears before the user begins the ID verification flow.


This is a consolidated screen, combining our previous introduction page and the consent for automated facial recognition, which have both been removed from the flow.

If the user declines consent, they will be brought to the end of the IDV flow without providing any data.

From the Berbix dashboard, or via an API call to fetch the transaction, you will see the transaction status update to completed with the following flags raised:

  • id_selfie_consent_declined
  • id_no_face_detected
  • id_no_barcode_detected
  • id_selfie_no_face_detected


Are we billed for transactions where the user declines consent?

While these are completed transactions, the user did not verify, so they do not count toward billing totals.

Here is an example of a Transaction Report for a user who declined consent. In this case, the Action Map for the transaction is configured to reject transactions that raise these flags.


We recommend reviewing your action maps to ensure transactions where consent is declined are routed to the appropriate action for your desired workflow. While we recommend including the flags id_selfie_consent_declined, id_no_face_detected,id_no_barcode_detected, and id_selfie_no_face_detected in the reject block, this is fully configurable.

If you would prefer to keep transactions where consent is declined fully separate from transactions where the user verified, please reach out to [email protected] to discuss whether adding a new custom action for this purpose might be a good option for your workflow.


How do these changes apply to API-Only or Advanced SDK integrations?

We will be reaching out directly to our customers that have built a fully customized verification UI using an API-only integration and/or using our Advanced SDK to discuss next steps.


Why did Berbix make this update?

This update was made in order to comply with applicable laws. We understand you may have questions, and we encourage you to reach out to [email protected] to connect with our team.