Photocopy detection flag now available!

A new flag, which detects paper, printed, or photocopied ID images, is ready for use!

Newly created Action Maps will include the new id_photocopy_detected flag in the Reject block by default.

To add the flag to your existing Action Maps, a Berbix dashboard user with admin or developer permissions can add the following condition to the Review or Reject block.


Tap the plus sign to add a condition, and select "Transaction flags," "contains," and "id_photocopy_detected" from the drop-down menus.

Don't forget to save!

Please note that some U.S. states issue temporary drivers license documents printed on paper. If you intend to allow these documents to be used for ID verification purposes, you may want to route the id_photocopy_detected flag to Review.

Otherwise, our general recommendation is to Reject transactions that raise this flag.


Will the new flag affect your integration?

While we generally recommend that integrations consume and rely on the action value, we understand that some of our customers prefer to build internal rules based on the flags and fields in our API response.

If your integration relies on flags, please make sure you are set up internally to recognize and accept id_photocopy_detected prior to updating any live Action Map(s).