QoL and Customizability Improvements

This past week, we've made quality of life improvements for our dashboard users and for your end users, and we've added new options to match the IDV flow to your unique branding.

Improved Selfie & Liveness Instructions

We've clarified the instructions shown to your end users for the Selfie and Liveness checks in the IDV flow, and added a gif showing exactly how to capture the left and right-facing photos.


Customize Background in Themes

We've added two new customizable options to make your end users' experience match your branding: Header background color and Page background color.

If you'd like, you can use these new options to simulate a "dark mode" UI for your users!


If a dark color is selected, text on the page will default to white.

Deprecate Action Maps

If you have older Action Maps you are no longer using, you now have the option to deprecate them.

Deprecating an Action Map will move it to the bottom of the list, and render it unavailable when from the drop-down list in the Template editor.


Simply open the Action Map you'd like to deprecate, and select the Deprecate Action Map option at the bottom of the page.