Transaction Report Updates: Clarified Expiration Dates

Today we added two new items to the Transaction Report to clarify when the retention for the transaction expires and when the hosted link expires (when applicable).


Retention Expiration

All user-submitted data is stored securely by Berbix for the duration of your account's retention policy, after which time it is permanently deleted.

We've added the retention expiration date to the Transaction Report for individual ID verifications so you have a reference point for how long the associated data will be accessible.

Hosted Link Expiration

When a link to complete a Hosted Transaction is created, an expiration date is selected and set. This determines how long the link is valid for the end-user to access the transaction.


When hosted links are created from the dashboard, the expiration period is selected from a dropdown menu.

When hosted links are created via API, the expiration period is specified in the API call to create the transaction.

If you need to re-send the link to your end-user prior to expiration, it is available to copy at the bottom of the Transaction Report page. Now, you can also click where it says "Hosted link" in the Status panel to retrieve the link.



If you have questions about these updates or have feedback for how we can improve our product and services, please reach out to [email protected].