Dashboard UI Improvements

This morning, we've released a few small tweaks to our dashboard to improve the user experience. We recommend taking a quick look so you know what changes to expect to our navigation menu and configuration editors.

Facial Recognition Consent now required in Québec

Due to biometric data requirements introduced in new legislation, Berbix now requires end users in Québec to provide consent for automated facial recognition.

Tymber <> Berbix Integration Now Available

With Berbix and Tymber, convert and retain more customers with your own SEO-friendly e-commerce website that incorporates ID checks during the checkout process. Get more orders without additional risk, reduce friction at checkout, and have confidence your customers are who they say they are.


Improvements & Bug Fixes: MRZ and Performance

In the past week, we've made the following updates to improve upload performance, passport parsing, and machine-readable data processing.

Flutter plug-in and demo app v0.0.3

The Berbix Flutter plug-in and related demo app have been updated to version 0.0.3.

iOS SDK v3.1.0


iOS Advanced SDK v0.2.0

This is the latest release notes for our iOS Advanced SDK


Bug Fix: "Fake Likely" Alaska IDs

We have resolved an issue that was causing the "ID fake likely" flag to return incorrectly for some Alaska IDs.

Bug Fixes & Escalations Process Improvement

This past week we've made improvements to our escalations process and we've fixed minor bugs associated with image cropping and with reviewing transactions with custom actions.

Node API Library v2.0.0

This version supports an API-Only verification flow and contains updated documentation.