Auth0 Integration

This no-code option for performing ID checks can be configured entirely within the Auth0 and Berbix dashboards with customizable, theme-able experiences for your users. Upon authentication, if the user has not previously completed the configured ID check, they’ll be redirected to Berbix to complete the ID check in a hosted experience. After submitting their ID, if the ID has been accepted based on the configured Action Map in the Berbix dashboard, the user will be permitted to authenticate successfully and will not be prompted again.

In addition to this no-code option, the Berbix integration provides code for you to build your own custom Auth0 Action and require user reverification on future login attempts. For example, you might detect that the user is now authenticating from a different country from their previous login. The Berbix integration allows for targeting risky sessions, requiring a reverification as simple as a selfie check.

Setup in Berbix

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Third-party integrations.
  2. Click Create Auth0 Configuration.
  3. Add your Auth0 hostname. It should be structured like [tenant-id].[region]
  4. Make note of the token secret which will be required to configure Auth0.
  5. Select a Template in the Berbix dashboard to determine the user verification steps.
  6. Make note of the Template Key in the Berbix dashboard.

Add the Auth0 Action

  1. Click here to locate Berbix Verify in the Auth0 marketplace.
  2. Select Add Integration at the top of the page.
  3. Read the necessary access requirements and click Continue.
  4. Configure the integration using the following fields:
  • Auth0 Token Secret: The token secret from the Auth0 Configuration in the Berbix dashboard.
  • Require Verification: Enable to require all users to complete verification.
  • Verify Template Key: The key for the Template that all users will be required to complete.
  • Test Mode: Toggle to enable you to test the Berbix integration in Test Mode.
  1. Click Create to add the integration to your Library.
  2. Click the Add to flow link on the pop-up that appears.
  3. Drag the Action into the desired location in the flow.
  4. Click Apply Changes.


When the Action is properly configured, any users who attempt to log in through Auth0 will be required to complete the verification specified in the configured Template. After completing the verification successfully (with an accept for the Berbix transaction), users should not be required to complete verification again.

Advanced Behavior

The Berbix Action allows you to have granular control over the verifications required upon login. This optional method requires you to write a custom Action to control the behavior of the Berbix Action. For more details, see here.