End-User Verification Flow

Functional overview of the how an end-user experiences a Berbix Verification transaction.

This document outlines the verification methods available in Berbix and their respective end-user experiences. The components of the verification flow are configurable using Templates and the design is customized via Themes.

Berbix offers two main components as part of the verification flow:

  • Photo ID (Full ID verification or barcode scan only)
  • Selfie Match (with or without Liveness check)

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ID Verification

Introduction Screen (Optional)

Depending on your integration type, you may have your own UI to set the user's expectations for the identity verification process.

You also have the option to use our default introduction screen. This may be configured in your Templates.


Mobile Handoff (Desktop Only)

If the end-user begins verification process on a desktop device, they will be prompted to handoff to a mobile device. By default, this is done by sending a link via text message.

This step is skipped if the user is already on mobile.

If the Force Mobile Handoff configuration option is disabled, a user will have the option to upload photos of their ID from their computer by selecting "I don't have a phone."


In the event that the phone number provided could not receive the handoff link, the user may use a QR code instead.

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Document Selection

From the user's mobile device, they will be prompted to choose their ID type as configured by your template. This screen will not be shown if only one ID type is enabled.


Front Image Capture

Next, the user is prompted to scan the front of their ID.

When the user centers the front of their ID with the guidelines on screen, we automatically take the photo and prompt the user to confirm that it looks good. The user may also manually take the photo using the "Take photo" button.

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Back Scan

Next, the user is prompted to scan the barcode on the back of their ID. In most cases, we automatically capture the information when the on-screen guidelines match up with the barcode, but the user may also take a photo.

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Selfie & Liveness Check

Facial Recognition Consent

Some jurisdictions (U.S. states Illinois, Washington, Texas; Canadian province Québec) legislatively require consent for automated facial recognition, which is required to perform biometric comparison between the photo ID image and selfie(s).

If Berbix determines the end-user is in one of those jurisdictions, if we are unable to determine their location, or if you choose to require consent for all users, we present the following consent collection screen.



If the user declines consent, Berbix will return a id_selfie_consent_declined flag and indicate in the Transaction Report that biometric comparison is uncertain.

We recommend configuring your Action Maps to route transactions with the id_selfie_consent_declined flag triggered to review.


The user is then instructed to take a photo of themselves to compare with the photo on the front of their ID.

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Liveness Check

If included in your Template, the user is prompted to look left and right. We capture a series of individual images to compare to the initial selfie, and to verify that the user is present and following the instructions on screen.


Barcode Only Verification

Berbix supports a Barcode Only verification method where the user will only be prompted to scan the barcode on the back of their ID. This workflow is the basis for our Berbix Bouncer App.

In this case, the verification data returned will relay only on the information encoded on the back of ID and will not be cross-referenced against the data available on the front of the ID. If the user does not have a barcode supported ID, they are able to fall-back to a standard front & back ID Check verification.

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Berbix does not prohibit existing end-users from attempting or completing subsequent transactions. This allows you to re-verify users over time and ensure that they are in control of their account.

If a transaction is generated with an identical Customer UID to a previous transaction, those transactions will be linked.

Selfie Re-Verification

Berbix supports a simplified re-verification flow for end-users that have been previously verified.

When configured in your Templates], transactions generated for existing users will require a selfie only, and will perform a selfie check against data collected during the original transaction.

To generate a re-verification transaction, the original transaction associated with that user's Customer UID must be in an Accepted state


Supported Versions

Verification transactions are fully supported on iOS version 11.0+ and on Android version 5.0+.

Broadly speaking, our web flow is compatible with a wide variety of browsers and devices, but performance may vary particularly if using our webcam-based features on desktop devices.

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