Verify Flow Overview

Functional overview of the Berbix Verify end-user experience.

This document outlines the verification methods available in Berbix and their respective end-user experiences. The components of the verification flow are configurable using Templates and the design is customized via Themes.

Berbix offers two main components as part of the Berbix Verify Flow:

  • ID Check (ID Check or Barcode Only)
  • Selfie Match (with or without Liveness Check)

Video demo of the ID Check experience with Selfie and Liveness Check

ID Check

Document Selection

When a user begins the verification flow, they will be prompted to choose their ID type as configured by your template. This screen will not be shown if only one ID type is enabled.

Mobile Handoff (Desktop Only)

On desktop, your user will be prompted to provide their phone number or email address to receive a link to complete the flow on their mobile device. This step is only included when users visit the web experience from a non-mobile device. Alternatively, if they click "I don't have a phone", they'll be able to use the "Upload an image" button to manually upload a picture of their ID from their computer (this option is excluded if you select the Force Mobile Handoff configuration option).

Handoff screen.Handoff screen.

Handoff screen.

In the event that the phone number provided could not receive our hand-off link, the user may use a QR code instead.

QR code fallback.QR code fallback.

QR code fallback.

Scanning the QR code will produce a link to the verify flow.

QR code fallback.QR code fallback.

QR code fallback.

Front Image Capture

Once the user is in our flow, they will then be prompted to scan the front of their ID. In most cases, this will be automatically detected but a user can also manually take a photo.

Back Scan

The user will be advanced to a back barcode scan. In most cases, this will be automatically detected but a user can also manually take a photo.

Selfie & Liveness Check


The user is prompted to take a photo of themselves to compare with the photo included on the front of their ID.

Liveness Check

The user is prompted to either change the orientation of their face and take another photo. This is used to compare against the provided selfie image.

Facial Recognition Consent

When Berbix is able to determine that an end-user of the Berbix Verify flow is located in a state where the end-user's consent is legally required for performing automated facial recognition on pictures of their face (e.g. Illinois, and several other states), Berbix will present the user with a consent collection screen. Templates may also be configured for Berbix to collect consent from all end-users regardless of their location.

If the user does not consent to the use of facial recognition, Berbix will not make a biometric comparison and will return the id_selfie_consent_declined flag which we recommend mapping to a review action for manual review. When this flag is returned, you will also see a grey "uncertain" comparison made between the selfie image(s) signifying that no facial recognition comparison was made.

Barcode Only Verification

Berbix supports a Barcode Only verification method where the user will only be prompted to scan the barcode on the back of their ID. In this case, the verification data returned will relay only on the information encoded on the back of ID and will not be cross-referenced against the data available on the front of the ID. If the user does not have a barcode supported ID, they are able to fall-back to a standard front & back ID Check verification.

Scan back of ID instructions.Scan back of ID instructions.

Scan back of ID instructions.

The scanning experience for the user will be the same as it is in the complete ID Check flow.

Barcode scan on mobile web.Barcode scan on mobile web.

Barcode scan on mobile web.


Berbix supports re-verifying users against previous ID verification transactions. This allows you to re-verify users over time and ensure that they are in control of their account. The verifications are linked via the customerUID. Passing the same customerUID is required to perform a re-verification.

Selfie Re-Verification

Berbix supports a re-verification flow requiring users to re-verify with selfies. The new re-verification transaction will be linked to the user's original transaction via the customer UID. Berbix will perform a selfie check against data collected during the original transaction.

To generate a re-verify transaction, the original transaction associated with that user's customer UID must be in an Accepted state

Supported Versions

We currently support the Berbix Verify Flow on iOS version 11.0 and up, and Android version 5.0 and later. Broadly speaking, our web flow is compatible with a wide variety of browsers and devices, but performance may vary particularly if using our webcam-based features on desktop devices.