Hosted Flow Overview

Using the Hosted Flow, you can start verifying users in seconds if you don't need an embedded experience or simply don't have the engineering time or resources to integrate Berbix within your application.

The Hosted Flow is the same verification experience as the Berbix web SDK ā€” the only difference is that it's hosted on a Berbix domain as opposed to being integrated in your app!

When using the Hosted Flow workflow, you generate verification links for your users. Links can be generated three ways:

  • A single universal transaction link can be created and shared with all users
  • Unique links can be created and shared manually as needed
  • Links can be created programmatically in your own systems or user-facing application using our API

Using those links, users proceed through a verification flow as defined by your Template with your own unique logo and Theme applied. At the end of the verification, they can be redirected to a custom URL for the next step in your customer journey.

Once complete, the full verification results will be available in the Berbix dashboard on the Transactions page. You may also opt to receive an email with a link to the completed verification or programmatically fetch the transaction data via our API.

Universal Hosted Transaction Links

To get started, all you need to do is navigate to the "Hosted links" section under "Configuration" in the dashboard. Click the "Add a universal hosted link" to create a shared multi-use link.

When creating a shared multi-use link you can specify the following options:

  • claim (required): the unique code for the shared link. This can be anything you want, as long as it is at least 4 characters.
  • Template (required): the Template to use for the transaction. Only Web templates are supported for Hosted Flow verification links.
  • completion notification email (optional): Berbix can send a notification when the transaction is completed including a link to the relevant Transaction page.

When you click submit, you will receive the multi-use link that can be used to create as many transactions as necessary for users. When a user clicks this link, they'll begin a unique hosted transaction.

Manually Creating a Hosted Transaction

Click Create Transaction on the Transactions page to instantly generate a hosted flow verification link that you can provide to your users.


When creating a hosted transaction, you can specify the following options:

  • Template (required): the Template to use for the transaction. Only Web templates are supported for Hosted Flow verification links.
  • Completion notification email (optional): Berbix can send a notification when the transaction is completed including a link to the relevant Transaction page.
  • Expires in (required): Hosted Flow verification links have a default expiration duration of 30 days after their creation. If needed, you can make that period shorter. If the transaction is not completed before its expiration, a user attempting to access the link will receive an error message.
  • Customer UID (optional): a unique identifier for the user to be verified. We strongly recommend that you use Customer UIDs whenever possible. For more information and best practices, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Click Submit to generate the unique transaction link. To share with your end-user, copy the link to your clipboard using the "copy" icon to the upper right of the link.


If you have developer or admin permissions, you may also tap "Show Advanced Details" to reveal the client and refresh tokens for the transaction.

Create Hosted Transactions Programmatically

If you're looking to use the Berbix hosted flow at high volumes, or if you want to retrieve transaction data programmatically, you can create hosted transactions via our API.


Benefits of creating hosted transactions programmatically

Generating hosted transactions programmatically is a lightweight way to leverage Berbix without performing any frontend development work.

It's also a great way to illustrate a proof of concept and get instant results with very little software development work up front.

All you need to do is to perform a backend-only, Low Code integration. Your application or internal system can create transactions on demand, and fetch actionable results immediately on completion.

Please refer to the Integration Guide, and in particular the section covering creating a transaction and fetching transaction data.

In order to create a hosted transaction, you'll need to include the hosted_options parameter in your Create transaction request. This parameter can be an empty object (hosted_options={}) if you don't require additional configuration. When provided, Berbix will return a hosted verification link that is unique to each transaction in the hosted_url response field.

Customizing Hosted Transactions

No matter how the hosted transaction is generated, it will follow the Template, Action Map, and Themes you have set for it.

Additional customizations for your end user's experience include an optional logo in the top left corner, and a custom redirect URL for the conclusion of the transaction. Both of these options can be customized in the Hosted Links section under Configuration in the navigation menu.


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