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Welcome to the Berbix docs! Here you’ll find comprehensive information for integrating Berbix Verify and its associated APIs as well as an overview of Berbix Dashboard functionality.

The fastest way to integrate Berbix Verify is to follow our Integration Guide, which walks through your entire Berbix integration step-by-step. You’ll integrate Berbix Verify into your site or app and then use one of our SDKs to retrieve the data you need from our API. You'll also be guided through the configuration of verification workflow rules to map to your existing business logic.

You can see the full Berbix Verify API specification in our API Reference Docs and find functional documentation for the Berbix Dashboard here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or via your organization's shared Slack channel.

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Dashboard Overview

The Berbix Dashboard is used for customizing the Berbix Verify user experience, configuring your verification business logic, and manually reviewing IDs.

The dashboard is comprised of the following primary components:

  • Analytics: We offer detailed reporting. Get in touch with us to learn more.
  • Transactions: A "Transaction" is an end-user verification in the Berbix system. This tab contains all the transactions that have been initiated within the data-retention period. Within transactions, Review Queues will contain new transactions that may require additional manual verification.
  • Configuration: Here you'll find all the tools necessary to customize your Berbix flow. Use Templates to define the components of a Berbix verification (ID check, selfie, etc.) and create an Action Map to define the business logic that will govern transaction outcomes. Themes can be used to customize the look-and-feel of your Berbix Verify experience.
  • Team: Add or remove teammates from Berbix.
  • Integrations: Here you'll find your Berbix API keys, domain set-up and webhook set-up.

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Dashboard Overview

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