Frequently Asked Questions

Does Berbix have a status page?

Yes! Please find our status page here:

What iOS/Android versions are supported by Berbix?

Please see the Supported Versions in our Docs.

Does Berbix conduct any KYC/background checks or cross-references names or ID pics against any lists?

No, Berbix does not currently conduct any background checks or validate identities across any specific PEP lists, do-not-fly lists, etc. Berbix is a powerful identity verification platform which instantly and accurately validates photo IDs, driver licenses, and passports.

Why does Berbix say this document has an “Incomplete” barcode? The barcode is fully visible.

Two-dimensional barcodes on the back of US and Canadian driver licenses and ID cards contain significant data, causing them to be higher-density and require more pixels. This is why we have a built-in barcode scanner across all of our user-facing SDKs.

As a result of the high-density nature of these barcodes, lower image quality barcodes may be challenging or impossible for us to decode, particularly if there is any blur, including from motion, darkness, camera quality or otherwise. Often an image of the back of an ID may appear sufficient, but is not possible to decode successfully.

Why wasn’t this transaction flagged as a duplicate?

The intention of our duplicate detection feature is to prevent users from authenticating multiple accounts using the same document.

Berbix uses the customer UID that you provide to our system as the anchor for duplicate detection.

If a user attempts two transactions using the same customer UID, the second transaction will not be considered a “duplicate”. If a user has attempted multiple transactions using the same customer UID, those attempts will all be linked at the bottom of the Transaction Report under “Other Transactions with Identical customer UID”.

If two (or more) transactions are created with different customer UIDs, and there is meaningful overlap between the information extracted from the documents in each transaction (full name, date of birth, etc.) this will be flagged as a duplicate transaction.

Please note that Berbix is only able to detect duplicates of transactions that are still within the data retention window.

What is this screen requesting biometric consent?

The consent screen will appear in some scenarios based on the location of the user, since that's legally mandated in a handful of states (WA, IL, and TX). In the regions where it's mandatory the screen will be shown regardless of the template setting. Please see Verify Flow Overview in our Docs.

Why didn’t this user complete the transaction? Was there an error on the Berbix side?

If the status of a transaction is “incomplete” the transaction can be in one of several states:

(1) The user may have had to leave the flow to find their ID.
(2) The user may have decided not to provide proof of their identity. In some cases, this can be desired attrition as bad actors are less likely to provide photo IDs than well-meaning users.
(3) the user may be having technical issues stopping them from completing the verification process, such as camera permission issues.

Do you see higher conversion when desktop users go through mobile hand-off as opposed to webcam/desktop?

Image quality is a key component of our ability to provide an automated response. Camera quality on phones is typically considerably better than image upload or webcams. This is why our product strongly encourages users to hand off to their mobile devices.

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