Berbix stores a history of Escalations, Image Reveals, and Dashboard Audits within the Logs tab.


Looking for logs?

The logs you can access depends on the level of access granted to your user role.

Agents may view their own escalations and image reveal history only.

Admins may view dashboard audit logs, and may view all escalations and image reveal history for your account.


The Escalations section contains any transactions that have been Escalated to Berbix via the Transaction Report UI.


Image Reveals

Any time a user clicks "Show without watermarks" on a Transaction Report image, this action is logged. In addition to the comprehensive log here, each Transaction Report contains the record of each image reveal for that report.

For more information on our watermarking policies and procedures, click here.


Dashboard Audit Logs

This section is available to admins only, and contains searchable records of any user actions taken on the Berbix dashboard.

Logged actions include and are not limited to:

  • Creating and editing integration items such as API Keys, webhooks, and Auth0 configurations
  • Creating and editing configurations such as templates, themes, and action maps
  • Administrative tasks such as adding team members or updating billing information
  • Transaction review tasks such as image reveal, blocking an ID, and updating a transaction action


Dashboard Audit Logs have a 90-day look-back

This means that it's possible you'll see references to items that no longer exist.

For example, if your retention policy is 30 days, you may see logs pertaining to transactions that have already been deleted.

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