Review Queues

Review Queues contain transactions that may require manual review or additional actions. Review Queues are populated based on your Action Mapping.

The Review Queues view shows you all Review Queues, the number of unreviewed transactions in the queue, and when the queue was created. Berbix includes one Default Review Queue populated by your Review action. Please contact us if you need an additional Review Queue for your use case.

In the example below, our Default queue has 15 unreviewed transactions.

Review Queue Transactions

When selecting a specific Review Queue, you'll see all the outstanding transactions that need to be manually reviewed. Berbix will also present the following additional info:

  • Claimed By: the Berbix dashboard user that claimed the transaction review. Users can claim transactions by clicking Claim.
  • Created: the create time of the transaction.
  • Reviewer: the Berbix dashboard user that reviewed the transaction. This field is populated after an action has been manually selected.
  • Reviewed at: the review time for the transaction.

Claiming a Transaction

When claiming a transaction for review, you can:

  • Claim an individual transaction
  • Claim 10 to claim the oldest unclaimed 10 transactions
  • Claim all to claim all of the unclaimed transactions

Claiming all or 10 will automatically open your oldest transaction for review.

Reviewing a Transaction

When selecting an individual transaction from the review queue, you're presented with all available Actions for the transaction at the top of the page based on your Actions configuration. A Berbix dashboard user can review all the available information in the transaction and select the appropriate manual action. Please refer to Transactions for all of the information Berbix exposes in the dashboard for manual review.

In the example below, we'll decide to reject this ID because it's a sample ID as demonstrated by the id_sample_detected flag.

After selecting an action, you can provide a optional context behind the manual action. If the Auto-advance toggle is enabled, you will be advanced automatically to the next oldest transaction that you have claimed.

Going forward, this transaction will show which Berbix dashboard user reviewed the transaction.

Notifying Users of Transactions to Review

Webhooks can be configured to be triggered when transactions are added to a review queue, by setting up a webhook of type Verification finished and determining whether a review is required based on the action included in the webhook payload.