Supported IDs

We support any document which complies with the ICAO spec for types: TD1TD2, and TD3 size machine readable travel documents (MRTDs).

In addition, Berbix officially supports validation for the following identity document types:

  • AAMVA-compliant driver license or identification card. This includes all state or provincial issued driver licenses and identification cards in the United States and Canada. AAMVA-compliant identity documents will include a PDF417 2D barcode on the back of the ID.
  • ICAO-compliant machine readable travel documents. This includes all passports worldwide as well as many national ID cards. These travel documents will include a machine readable component on either the front (passports and national ID cards) or the back of the document (national ID cards).

Please contact us if you're unsure if an identity document is supported or are looking for custom document support.