Team presents the list of all Team Members that have access to the Berbix Dashboard and their respective roles. You can also Invite new team members from this view as an Admin.

There are four roles available with access to Live and Test mode data:

  1. Admin: can edit all settings and see analytics. This is the only role that can delete transactions.
  2. Developer: can edit all settings with the exception of Team and Billing settings.
  3. Agent: can only edit manual review actions. This user only has access to all Transactions, including those that have been completed, and Reviews. Agents cannot delete transactions, but can block them.
  4. Reviewer: only has access to Transactions that are enqueued for review, and they are able to take action on them (accept/reject/escalate/block). Once a transaction has been actioned upon, the reviewer can no longer access it. Reviewers cannot delete transactions.

Please note that you can now change a team member's roles in the dashboard through a dropdown.

You may additionally create a Test mode only Agent role who only has access to Test mode Transactions and Reviews

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