Team presents the list of all Team Members that have access to the Berbix Dashboard and their respective roles.

If you have admin permissions, you can invite a new team member by clicking "Invite" in the top right corner of the page, specifying the email address, and clicking "Submit."


There are four roles available with access to Live and Test mode data. They are listed here in order from the least to the most access in the Berbix dashboard.

  • Reviewer: This role is restricted to access Review Queues only.
    • A reviewer may view and manually accept or reject any completed transaction pending review.
    • Once an accept or reject action has been taken (manually or automatically) the transaction becomes inaccessible to reviewers.
    • May view their own image reveal history and all escalation logs on the Logs page.
  • Agent: May perform any task available to a reviewer.
  • Developer: May perform any task available to reviewers and agents.
  • Admin: May perform any task available to reviewers, agents, and developers.
    • May access Advanced Analytics (when available).
    • May access and edit Billing (self-service only).
    • May add, remove, or manage team members.
    • May view all Logs for your account.
    • May delete transactions.

The Test-Only Agent role has the same permissions as the Agent role described above, except they are restricted to Test Mode only.


Let your team know...

Once you have invited a new team member to Berbix, they'll need to use the invitation link we sent to their email address to log in for the first time.

Depending on how your company manages your email domain, your internal system admin may need to authorize Berbix for login via Google or Microsoft.

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