Templates enable you to specify differing levels of verification required for different product paths or workflows. Templates include the types of verification you'd like to conduct (photo ID, selfie, liveness) and settings for the verification flow (allowable ID types, consent collection, etc.).

Create New Template

To create a new template, visit the Templates tab within "Configuration" in the Berbix Dashboard and click Create Template. From there, give the template a name based on the intended use case (such as New User), select the required verifications, and click Save.

Once created, a Template Key will be generated that can be used when creating a transaction and will be prefixed with tpk_.

Template Configuration

Photo ID Flow Customization

Allowable ID Types

Customize what types of photo IDs are permitted in your verification flow. You can select from the following options:

  • ID Card or Driver License
  • Passport
  • ID Card, Driver License, or Passport
  • Custom


Selecting any of the first three options will only filter acceptable IDs by the type, for instance if “ID card or driver license” is selected, either of these card types from any jurisdiction will be acceptable, but if a user submits a passport, his document will be rejected (we will do our best to prompt the user by calling out which document type we are expecting, and giving hints like, “We can’t find the barcode on your ID” if the wrong image type is submitted.

For more options, select “Custom”, which will allow you to create more granular filter options. For example, you could create a custom configuration to accept any passport, but only Canadian and US Driver Licenses. (Note: Currently the US and Canada are the only countries from which we support this feature. We do not support filtering for ID cards or driver licenses from other countries at this time, but stay tuned.)

If the accuracy of the document issuing country is important to you, we recommend enabling the “Collect Country” option.

If “Collect Country” is enabled, the user will select the issuer from a list when going through the flow, if it is not enabled, we will still do our best to extract the issuing country without the user’s express selection.

Toggle on “Any Passport” to allow all passports, plus a subset of other documents, (for instance, you could configure Any Passport, plus US Driver Licenses).

If you opt to limit the acceptable issuing countries, you can further limit which ID types you will accept:

The options presented to the user will be narrowed accordingly:

If you enable multiple ID types, the user will be prompted to select their document type for the issuing country from among the enabled options:

If a user completes the flow with a document you don’t permit, we will flag the type or issuer mismatch in the Transaction Details page and will route the transaction according to your specifications in the action map (see Action Mapping for more).

Require Selfie

This setting determines if Berbix also captures a selfie from the end-user to compare their selfie image to the face on their ID.

Liveness Check

Enabling the "Perform liveness check" function will prompt the user to take a photo looking straight, to the left and to the right. This is our recommended selfie verification. Also provided is an option to collect facial recognition consent from all end-users, regardless of their location.


Enable re-verification to re-verify data against existing photo ID transactions for your users. This can be used to collect additional verification data from users or to re-verify existing users over time to ensure they are the same person. The images collected in the selfie-only flow will be compared to the ID images collected in the most recent transaction for that Customer ID.

Supported re-verification types:

  • Selfie-only

UI Customization


Select the Theme to render for the template from your list of Themes or use the Berbix Default Theme.

Intro Message

You can also provide your end-users a custom Intro Message shown at the beginning of the Berbix Verify flow.

Session Settings

Toggle the following settings to customize additional parameters of the Berbix flow outside of the verifications selected:

  • Show intro screen: shows an introductory screen to end-users at the beginning of the flow.

Intro screen

If an intro screen is enabled, your users will be presented an intro message and the verification methods that will be required.

Photo ID only verificationPhoto ID only verification

Photo ID only verification