Themes can be used to customize the look-and-feel of your users' identity verification experience.

Create New Theme

To get started, create a new theme by selecting Create Theme in the top right corner, giving it a name, and clicking Submit.


Theme Customization

Design Options

To override our default styling, simply update the values and select "Save" at the bottom of the page.


Although text colors cannot be customized at this time, we dynamically change between white and black text depending on the button or background color selected.

For the color options, you may input the hexadecimal color code directly, or you may tap the color preview on the right to open and use the color picker.

For the font options, please input the name of a Google Font.


Need more theming options?

If your use case requires a fully customized UI for your users, we encourage you to consider an API-only integration.

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