View All Transactions

A Transaction refers to a unique set of verifications requested for a given user. If multiple transactions are created for the same user (the same Customer UID) Berbix will create a transaction entry for each one. The history of all transactions for your account--within your data retention window--is available in the Transactions tab within the Berbix dashboard.

In the list of transactions, you will see two IDs. The Transaction ID is a unique identifier for the given transaction.

The Customer UID is a unique identifier provided by you to designate a given user. Customer UID best practices can be found in our FAQs.

You will also see the action taken (Accepted,Rejected, or Review), the type of verification(s) completed for the transaction (ID check, liveness check, etc.), and time stamps for the most recent user interaction with the transaction, and when the transaction was created.

You can filter transactions by Status (Completed, In Progress, or Not Started), Action, Template, or Customer UID.


View an Individual Transaction

To view details for a specific transaction, tap the Transaction ID to open the transaction report.

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