View All Transactions

A Transaction refers to a unique set of verifications requested for a given user. If multiple transactions are created for the same user (the same Customer UID) Berbix will create a transaction entry for each one. The history of all transactions for your account--within your data retention window--is available in the Transactions tab within the Berbix Dashboard.

Within this view, you will see two ID's. The Berbix UID for each transaction, which is a unique identifier corresponding to a given transaction. The Customer UID for each transaction is a unique identifier provided by you, and intended to designate a given user. You will also see the type of verification(s) completed for the transaction (ID check, liveness check, etc.), the last user interaction with the transaction, and when the transaction was created.

You can filter transaction by the completion status of the transaction, the action corresponding to it (if it has been completed), as well as the template used for the transaction. For instance, to review the transactions that have been rejected, you would select "Rejected" within "Filter by action".

Filter by CustomerUID

Within the transactions view, you can filter for a given Customer UID to find all transactions for that user.

View an Individual Transaction

Basic Info

The top of the view for an individual transaction will present a variety of information about the transaction. This includes:

  • User information: Name, Date of Birth, Age, etc.
  • Document information: Document Type, Expiry Date, Issue Date, etc.
  • Flags: ID Flags returned for the transaction.

Review Transaction Report Overview to familiarize yourself with the details of our reports.