Purpose: To fetch metadata about a completed verification.

Auth: Requires an access_token bearer token for authentication in the Authorization header parameter. Authorization: Bearer <token>

Expected Response: JSON payload for the specified transaction including the action, flags and fields.

API Library Usage

var transactionData = await client.fetchTransaction(transactionTokens)
$transactionData = $client->fetchTransaction($transactionTokens);
transaction_data = client.fetch_transaction(transaction_tokens)
transaction_data = client.fetch_transaction(transaction_tokens)
Transaction transactionData = client.fetchTransaction(Tokens tokens);
transactionData, err := client.FetchTransaction(transactionTokens)

Response Values

For a detailed explanation of the data contained within the payload, expand the sample 200 response below or review the linked resources.


Do we need to rely on Berbix to make the "action" decision?

By fetching the transaction metadata, you are able to consume the flags and fields associated with a transaction to create custom rules and decisions on your end.

With that said, we strongly recommend that you consume and rely on the action field for making business decisions. Berbix Action Maps are specifically built for this purpose, and by leveraging this tool, you can adjust business logic without any code changes on your end.

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