Upload idScans for use in an API-only transaction. Feedback on the uploaded scan, such as whether Berbix was able to parse a barcode, will be provided in the response body in the issues and issue_details properties. If multiple values are present in issues, the first should be treated as most important to address. The possible values that can appear in issues are "bad_upload", "incomplete_barcode_detected", "unsupported_id_type".

This endpoint requires a client_token bearer token for authentication in the Authorization header parameter: Authorization: Bearer <token>. Because the client_token is safe to pass client-side, this endpoint may be called from a browser or mobile app.

The transaction this scan should be used for will be inferred from the client_token used.

All uploads today expect the scans property to contain a single-element array whose element which represents an scan of a particular scanType e.g. the PDF417 payload of the ID document.

The next_step returned will indicate what calls, if any, are expected next. The next_step will be "upload_document_front" if the scan was unable to be processed and the template is configured for PhotoID Verification fallback. When using a PhotoID verification fallback the /v0/images/upload endpoint is required to submit the required images.

Today pdf417 is the only allowed subject for IDScans.

Photos of military IDs or Social Security cards should not be uploaded. Callers should make sure to handle cases where "unsupported_id_type" is in the list of issues returned, which indicates Berbix detected an ID type that we cannot accept.

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