Purpose: Upload images for use in an API-only transaction.

Auth: Requires a client_token bearer token for authentication in the Authorization header parameter: Authorization: Bearer <token>

Note: Because the client_token is safe to pass client-side, this endpoint may be called from a browser or mobile app.

Expected Response: Feedback on the uploaded scan including issue_details, issues and, next_step. Expand sample 200 response or review the API-only documentation for details.

Additional Requirements:

  • Images must be uploaded as a base64-encoded string matching the specified image_subject.
  • The total size of the request body may not exceed 10 MiB, and the total size of any image must not exceed 10MiB or 10,000 pixels in either direction.

Add an object and populate values in the Body Params panel below to test.


U.S. Restrictions

Due to legal restrictions Berbix does not accept images of United States military ID cards or Social Security cards.

Callers should make sure to handle cases where unsupported_id_type is in the list of issues returned, which indicates Berbix detected an ID type that we cannot accept.

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